My first makeup masterclass

This was a one day makeup class just for the moms out there who needed help understanding their skin type and how to choose products for themselves. I like to call it the “get to know Makeup class”.

In this class I gave a brief introduction about the differnt types of skins and how to prep the skin before makeup to get the flawless dewy makeup look.

The main techniques that were discussed include under eye concealing, colour correcting, highlighting , contour , foundation application.

For me the skin is the most important and hence foundation application is more important than eyes … if you don’t have good skin no makeup looks good, no matter how expensive it is .

My favourite Foundation is luminous silk foundation by Giorgio Armani. For my daily makeup I use the weightless skin foundation by Bobbi Brown.

Preping the skin is the most important step, if your skin is dry invest in a good face oil like the Farsali face oil. Get a good hydrating mask and moisturiser; And use a hydrating primer.

For oily skin , scrub, cleanse and use a toner to keep the pores clean and apply a mud mask or fruit mask to close the pores. Also get a good primer like photo-finish by Smashbox. Use a setting spray not only at the end but also with each layer of makeup if your skin is very oily, set with setting powder. And damp the beauty blender ( if you are using one ) with setting spray instead of water.

Drink loads of water 😘




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